Who is coworking for?

Coworking is a new form of working in Switzerland. The goal is to avoid commutes for employees as much as possible. Employees work at coworking spaces that are close to their homes. Instead of doing work from home, the employee still go to a designated work space. No stressful daily commutes lead to a more balanced workforce which results in higher satisfaction and productivity. This new form of work improves overall work-life-balance. In addition the coworking concept also has positive effects for the environment.

Commuters within Graubünden

According to this article, 86’000 people commuted in the canton Graubünden in 2012. Among them 79’000 were commuting within the canton. The average commuter drives 30 minutes between home and work. Coworking could improve the quality of life for many of these people.

Commuters from Graubünden toward Zurich/St. Gallen

2790 people commuted to the canton St. Gallen, 1470 people commuted to the canton Zurich, and almost as many commuted to the Tessin in the year 2012. One commute between home and work often lasts longer than 30 minutes. Coworking has the potential to improve those people’s lives substantially.

Commuters from other cantons

3960 people from St. Gallen and 1690 people from Zurich commuted every workday to Graubünden in 2012. Likewise coworking could help these people improve their work-life-balance.

Homesick Grisons & vacation home owners

There are also a lot of weekend visitors who are commuting from Zurich/St. Gallen to Graubründen. Since everyone commute at the same time, streets are often congested. Coworking could lead people to come earlier and extend their weekends for 1-2 days.

For which industries is coworking ideal?

Until now, mostly big and midsize companies have been using and experimenting with coworking. There are also a few innovative smaller companies who have recognized the advantages of coworking.

Small and Midsize Company

Small and midsize companies should consider utilizing coworking spaces and examine the commuting time and distances of their workforce. Depending on distance and available options, it is advisable to let their employees get their work done on 1-2 days per week at a coworking space.


On the surface coworking doesn’t seem to be an ideal option for craftsmen and craftswomen. But when you look closer, there are also many applications. Why not getting all administrative tasks done in a coworking space?


Coworking is perfect for startups. Founders can focus on the growth of their startup without worrying about the time-consuming details of building the necessary office infrastructure. Costs per workstation remain manageable. And you can rent another work station on demand.

Self-employed & Freelancers

Often coworking is the only option for self-employed and freelancers to network and connect with other professionals. Coworking provides open and friendly communication which fosters inspiration and creativity.

Graphic, Design & Art

Graphic designers, designers and artists feel especially comfortable in coworking spaces. The open, innovative and stimulating atmosphere in coworking spaces attracts many creative workers.

Webdesign & Developers

Location-independent work is nothing new for coders and programmers. Web designers and software developers are used to working from anywhere they want.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales professionals often find their creative graphic and web designers in coworking spaces. Often it takes a short conversation to start a new project together.

Give coworking a chance. You can come in and try it out at our Coworking space Prättigau/Davos any time.