Coworking for digital nomads

Whether or not you are on the road with your backpack, hippie bus or by train, at our coworking space digital nomads find a friendly and social work station. We value the multinational exchange. We welcome and greet everyone with a Bündner Rötel. We are happy to give you some insider tips for your travels and are happy to assist you with finding the perfect place to stay for you. In case you are travelling with a hippie bus, you can park your camper for a night in our parking lot.

Coworking Prättigau/Davos

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who almost exclusively use digital technologies to earn a living. Digital nomads live a location-independent life and travel extensively. They work from cafés, public libraries or coworking spaces. There are even digital nomads who work from their camping bus. To get their work done, they just need a wireless internet connection or a hotspot which connects to their laptop.
The main reasons why people become digital nomads are financial independence, and the quest for freedom and independence. They want to work and travel the world at the same time. However there are also people who became digital nomads out of necessity. Reasons for that are low availability of full time jobs, political instability or high cost of living in their home country.

No matter why you decided to become a digital nomad, you are always welcome at our coworking space Prättigau/Davos!

Coworking Prättigau/Davos