Co-Working Landquart

Landquart is an important transportation and industry hub in the canton Graubünden. Landquart’s rise started with its railway track which goes through  Prättigau to Davos or to Unterengadin. Today Landquart with its 8’849 inhabitants belongs to the largest cantons in Graubünden. Right at the railway station there is the famous Landquart Fashion Outlet.

Even though Landquart is one of the largest towns in the canton Graubünden, there is no coworking space which is directly located in Landquart. In the region there is the project Futurity Working which describes itself as a coworking space but it is rather a Fab Lab. Our coworking space in Schiers is only 10 minutes away from Landquart by car which makes it the closest and most readily available coworking space in the area. To get to the Coworking Space Liechtenstein it takes 35 minutes by train and 25 minutes by car. To reach the Atrium Coworking Space in Buchs SG it also takes 25 minutes by car. The Coworking Space BockOffice Chur is 15 minutes away by car.

Our Coworking space Prättigau/Davos is only a minutes away from Landquart. You can also commute easily and comfortably by train from Landquart to Schiers. You only walk a few steps from the railway station at Schiers to our office.